IBS-SRP Undergraduate Summer Research

As part of the Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program, students do independent research projects with faculty mentors for ten weeks in one of six research areas, including Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB).  The CMB subgroup has its own leadership consisting of a faculty leader, evolutionary biologist, and subgroup coordinator.  Dr. David Wassarman, CMB faculty trainer, is the faculty leader of the subgroup.  The various disciplinary clusters are intellectually woven together at weekly meetings in an interdisciplinary learning community through evolutionary theory and the research process. In addition to meeting with the interdisciplinary group, students prepare research proposals, final papers, and oral presentations summarizing their work. This is a program administered through the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement. This summer program is designed to educate and prepare top-notch students for possible futures in graduate studies. Students will build friendships, experience the UW and Madison communities, and develop scientific skills at the same time. 

CMB has been actively part of the IBS-SRP program since 2005: CMB IBS-SRP History